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Today we met a guy we have been talking to for a while on the net. He has never been with a black guy before and his biggest cock was only a modest 7 inches. He was here to break some personal records and Castro stepped up to the plate with his massive dong to set one that wouldn't be broken...
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Jerome wants to have a threesome with his girlfriend and Jordan. Or maybe he was just using that as his excuse to feel the thickness we call Jordan's cock in his little tight virgin pooper cum watch Jerome's first ride on the Hershey highway!
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This week we were wandering around the hood with my homeboy. We eventually found this thug hanging around the back of some seedy alley. As soon as we approached him he was very aggressive about us recording him with my camera. I convinced him that I wasn't a cop or a televangelist, just a dude looking for a blow job from a "Beezy". He was gonna take us to so...
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Gotta love how the people in Miami mind their own business around here. Today we took a black thug into a laundromat and fucked his brains out and they didn't even stop to look as my boy was doggy style fucking him on the machines. After that we got him to wash our clothes.. boy are thugs helpful when you have a fistful of cash.
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