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This guy Jared came to test his will by taking a massive sized cock up his poop chute. Unfortunately for Jared he will be shitting weird for the rest of his life after his ass failed to stretch wide enough to accommodate Castro's mammoth cock. Castro almost gutted this poor man's insides.
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Hole Hunter was out doing what it is he does best, Hunting for hole. He found our newest pretty boi, Jason. Jason is a 21 year old twinkie boi who has NEVER had black cock, and admits he's always wanted one... That is exactly what the Hole Hunter loves to hear.
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I'm strictly and only for cock and as much cock as I can get. If I had my way it would be black dick only which is why I only watch interracial porn in the seediest of adult book stores. Several web searches and emails later I came across an adult book store in the side of town where it seemed as if I was the only white boy. After touching my own cock and ga...
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Those Twister-loving horny fools are back for another video, and it looks like they've ditched the games to take turns on our lucky Latino's ass in this new edition. They be slamming that hole like they were playing pin the tail on the donkey, except they're pinning their hard cocks deep up his ass.
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What up guys? Today we brought in this bashful volleyball player off the beach. Before the shoot he admitted he was a big fan of the site and especially Castro. But I think Castro might have fucked this dude straight but then you never know? Maybe all that screaming and begging to stop was all for show… although I seriously doubt it.
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Miami is full of hot gay guys but where can I find hot gay guys who are in need of some cash? The bus stop! But how can I pick these guys up without scaring them away in some creepy van? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Rent a bus. So thats exactly what we did. We rented a bus drove around and found a nice little college student hard up for some cash...
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Castro and I were at the beach looking for fresh meat when Robbie came up to us after recognizing Castro from the site. We invited him back to our place for an up close and personal look at Castro's mythic package. Robbie was real keen but unfortunately his appetite for big cock was more then his ass could handle...
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Our co-worker Jonathan was having a really bad day after his car broke down. Fortunately I happened upon him and offered him a ride back to our place. Not only did my act of generosity brighten up his day, my monster cock also did it's best to make him feel better by filling up his tight little asshole.