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So we were on the hunt with Danny looking for a black stud to fuck when we spotted this hunky thug on a bike. I got to admit that I was a little scared for Danny when he first approached this guy. But after a little conversation about his motorcycle he agreed to take Danny for a ride and well you know how that normally ends...
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This cute latino got himself lost. Got off at the wrong stop and left his wallet in the bus by mistake. Shit his lose was our gain boy! We offer him a ride to his next stop, but that shit wasnt about to be free! He was a lil sweet so he offered to suck us both off.. But thats never enough! We take advantage of this latin ass and rail him till the break of da...
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Pretty Ricky thought he could hang wit tha gangsta styley. He didn't know we were gonna put a cap in his tight lil ass. Watch us put dis playa hatin bitch on the floor, fill him fulla some 12 inch cock shells and yell out for Big Poppa.
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Jon has always dreamed of being double teamed by two black men but until today it was all just a fantasy. Thanks to Castro and Diesel Jon got his insides rearranged. then followed a big hot shower of man gravy all over his face. Dreams really do come true!
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Featured Models - Austin Dallas
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Austin Dallas is his name but really the name doesn't matter much. His passion to please black cock is all that matters. He does a very nice job in these movies too, especially for his first time. What I like so much about this scene, is that he really is a newbie, and he doesn't try to act it up. He just does what he's supposed to and it turns out great!
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Video Description - Cute college boy sucking a huge cock
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Hey peeps, we got another episode for you. This guy named Daniel gets his shit pushed in pretty good. I even think he was crying in pleasure (or pain) at one point during his asshole destruction. Castro didn't mind his soft lips on his massive meat hanger either...
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