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Video Description - Black boy sucks his buddies cock
Featured Models - Devin Armani and Chase
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Chase is twenty one and loves to work out and chill with his buddies. Devin Armani is also twenty one and used to be a star quarterback, but has now moved to Florida to pursue his dreams. Fortunately his dreams include a lot of man on man sex and the scene starts as the two equally well hung boys decide to spend the day inside exploring each others bodies...
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Video Description - Black mechanic nails his co worker
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With a long day of inspecting cars coming to an end D-Unit decides he wants spend the remainder of the day checking out his co-workers rear end. After a rigorous inspection of his perfectly formed black ass he discovers it's hungry for his cock. At first the fit is rather tight but once he finds the right rhythm the result is perfection and both mechanics fi...
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Video Description - An interracial couple take turns on top
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When we told Jeremy we wanted him for a hardcore shoot he only had one request, that we pair him up with a black dude. Well here at Male Spectrum we live to please so we called in Neo, and lets just say that Jeremy was extremely satisfied with our choice. They start off the action exploring each others bodies with their hands while their lips lock in a lustf...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and J.R.
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Castro Supreme is going to love the boy we have lined up for him today. J.R.'s petite but has enough junk in his trunk for the Supreme's liking. J.R. was amazed at how huge Castro's cock was. He's never seen anything like that before. All he could think was, how the fuck is that monstrous cock going to fit in my little bum hole?
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I was out with my boy Tony when told me how he had always dreamt about fucking a thug in his native environment and that's when we spotted him. He was wearing a green outfit looking like a leprechaun in the hood, I knew we had acquired our target. So we stopped him and interviewed him to see if there was a possibility of penetrating his fine ass...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Tristan
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If you like your cock big and black then you're gonna love this movie. Today we came across Tristan in a restaurant parking lot and approached him with promises of huge cocks. He wanted some proof before coming back to our place so we went around back and unleashed the supreme...
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When you sign up to do your first gay scene on tape you might wanna think twice before contacting Castro. It can be a lot of pressure getting naked and hardcore in front of a camera and adding a foot long cock with the girth of a beer can into the equation just makes it harder. But todays newbie model Ben had no such problems and started working the supreme...
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We ran into Matthew downtown, he recognized Castro from the site and invited us up to his office. Of course he wanted to see the supreme and once it was there in front of his face he couldn't help but give it a good suck. He was apprehensive about getting fucked but having Castro in your office is a once in a lifetime opportunity so he took a chance...