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At Thug Hunter we find thugs who think they run their hood and turn them into twinks for a few hundred bucks. Take for example, this guy we found in this corner of the hood. He was trying to hustle us but we flashed him some cash and the next thing you know he was flossing his teeth with my boys dick...
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If Aaron seems a little nervous it's because he's about to take on Thugzilla for his first ever black cock! I pity the fool. They don't get any whiter than Aaron Rouge... and yes he's a true redhead. Aaron tells us he wants to be dominated by a black man and Thugzilla has no problem showing him who's boss…
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Meet our friend Isaac Coon. He's a real corn fed country boy. He came all the way from Georgia looking for a man with some "good equipment". And that's exactly what he got. This newbie had never seen anything like the tool Castro was packing. After the disbelief wore off he got right down to business...
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