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Today we had a real eager big cock lover going by the name Spencer join us at the studio. He was desperate for a taste of the supreme and once he got his fill it was his asses turn. Spencer pointed his butt into the air and Castro filled it up with his immense meat...
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Eddie Saint has been having some serious problems with the ladies and can't stop telling Tyko about it. Tyko is sick of the complaints and heads out of the room only to return a few minutes later completely naked. He dares Eddie to take a good look and although Eddie tries to act uninterested he has to eventually admit that his friends fit body and massive c...
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Sometimes trying to act cool isn't so cool. When lil Tyler tries to hang out and look cool with this thug, something unexpected happens. This Thug is fresh out of prison, drunk and wants some white ass. So we set him up with Brendan and during the ride home to drop him off things got a little rough.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme
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Feast out on some black ass along with this new group of black studs in an all new Thug Orgy video. The sex, just like the guys, continue to get hotter and hornier. But we've still got some veterans like Intrigue along for the hot ride too.
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