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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Payton
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Today we met a guy we have been talking to for a while on the net. He has never been with a black guy before and his biggest cock was only a modest 7 inches. He was here to break some personal records and Castro stepped up to the plate with his massive dong to set one that wouldn't be broken...
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Featured Models - Seth Ryan, Intrigue and Ricky Da Boss
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Black stud Intrigue is on the prowl and he's brought along a newcomer named Ricky Da Boss. Intrigue already has a white boy all lined up for the both of them and can't wait to get out of the heat and get back to the fuck pad. White boy Seth Ryan shows up and they don't waste much time before jumping in the ride to head for cooler places. Once back to the cri...
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Featured Models - Adrian Troy
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Welcome to another episode of Blacks On Boys. This week we bring you Adrian Troy. He's originally from Poland but has been here in the States for about eight years. As you know, there's not a whole lot of black studs running around Poland and when Adrian discovered how hot they were he had to have one. It only took him eight years to finally do it!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Alexander
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This week we lined up an eager jock named Alexander for Castro to enjoy. We picked him up after he had just finished a jog. All warmed up and ready to tackle the supreme. His firm little ass took a while to get used to Castro's enormous cock but once he got accustomed to it he was riding the supreme like a wild bronco.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Kyler
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Today we picked up a cute little stud called Kyler. On the ride back to the studio we gave him a quick run down of what he had signed up for. When we came to the part about Castro's monster meat he didn't believe us. But no worries we got Castro to whip it out in the car and Kyler got a little taste before the real action started back at our place...
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Featured Models - Arcanjo Amaro and Jonathan Kawa
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Workout buddies Arcanjo Amaro and Jonathan Kawa are always together at the gym. Today they got to the gym a bit late and noticed there wasn't anyone else in the workout room. So what do they do? Dress down and fuck of course! These horny studs are ready to get it on wherever they can get it!
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Featured Models - Casanova, Thugzilla and Zidane
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Today we had a white guy going by the name of Casanova turn up at the studio eager for some black cock. Problem is we had two black studs wanting to get in on the action. When they couldn't come to an agreement on whose turn it was we decided to send them both in and see how Casanova handled it. Turns out he was a black cock whore and I'm pretty sure he was...
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Featured Models - Dillion and Tyrese
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Tyrese has quite the time with Dillon, forcing him into a pair of womens panties, which later Tyrese stuffs into his mouth to shut him up while he stuffs another of Dillons holes!