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Featured Models - Alex Grey and Intrigue
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Today our man Intrigue stops for some coffee and gets a little something more than that. He picks up a white boy named Alex Grey along with his drink. Alex is willing to give Intrigue a try even though this will be his first time crossing over to the dark side and he has an idea of what to expect. He's an Atlanta local and knows all about what the black boys...
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Featured Models - Jesse Bryce and Mr. Sauki
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This week we have a Tennessee white boy named Jesse Bryce and I think y'all are gonna like him. He 20 years old and tells us the tale of how he's never had black dick and has wanted it for years around 12 years, you do the math. So, for his first black cock who do you think he requested? Our most popular black stud, Mr. Sauki...
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Featured Models - Woody
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This guy Woody gets ahold of us and tells us this great big story about how he is flat broke and needs the rent money, yada, yada, yada. Of course we tell him he's come to the right place, cuz what's better than a straight guy giving in and surrendering to the cock, right? That's what we call "gay for pay"...
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Featured Models - Jordano Bruni and Sly
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Sly and Jordano had always been best buds, but had never hooked up because Jordano is straight. That is until Sly let Jordano try out his new Fleshlight! Jordano slipped that ultra-realistic anal sheath over his huge cock and discovered that he liked the feel of ass so much, he wanted to try out the real thing with some hardcore first time gay sex!
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Alexander
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Today we had an eager jock named Alexander who wanted a taste of the supreme. After a healthy dose of cock sucking Castro wanted a piece of that toned little butt and stuffed his giant cock in Alexander's nice tight asshole. It was painfully sweet and in the end Alexander got a big load on his face for desert.
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Featured Models - Bradley Wood and Zodiac
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The cameraman found Bradley at a gas station and found out he wanted to make some money and have a little fun. He also found out that Bradley has never been with a black guy. Well, well, well. It's Bradley's lucky day because back at the fuck pad we already have Zodiac waiting for some sweet, white ass. They don't waste any time, Zodiac whips out his big bla...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Val
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Val called us inquiring about getting a piece of Castro after seeing him on our site. We organized a meet at the beach and then took him back to our studio to tackle the supreme. Like usual Castro didn't waste any time with small talk and stuck his monster cock right into Val's face uttering only one word, "boom".
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Featured Models - Aaron Rogue and Thugzilla
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This week we have a 19 year old WHITE boy. If he seems to look a little nervous it's because he's about to take on Thugzill for his first black cock ever! I pity the fool. They don't get any whiter than Aaron Rouge... and yes he's a "true" redhead.