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Featured Models - Kristian and D.J.
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Kristian was poking around an empty bedroom when he heard someone walking in. He jumped into the closet as DJ opened the door. He knew something was up so he went to check out the closet. There he finds Kristian hiding. Instead of calling the cops or fighting him, he decides to make Kristian get on his knees and suck his dick...
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Today this guy Steven Waye got his asshole torn apart by Castro's massive cock. Much to my surprise he enjoyed every second of it. Before we started Steven admitted he loves sucking black men's big dicks. I think anyone who loves watching dudes get fucked by big gnarly black cocks will deeply enjoy this episode of It's Gonna Hurt.
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Gabriel owed us some money for some... Let's call it, payments that he was late on. So we strolled by his auto service shop so he could chump up the cash. The broke mother fucker had like a $20 spot on him and that wasnt flying. So we made his bitch ass take a ride down town with his.. Soon after he paid us in full :)
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Featured Models - Brad Laurence
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What has a strong jaw line, blonde spikey hair and a cute face? That's right, Brad Laurence. What's Brad love more than life itself? Black Dick. He proves his love in this scene too. You should see how much of that 11" black dick Brad sticks in his mouth...
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This week we approached a black boy who was hanging out on a street corner. He was quick to turn down our offer of sex but when we followed that up with an offer of cash, he started paying attention. After working out a figure my boy Malek took him down a back alley and started to get his moneys worth with a blowjob. Of course after getting nice and hard he...
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Video Description - Castro gets his cock sucked in the backyard
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Alex
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This week we had a visit from yet another eager fan who wanted to get his hands on Castro's monster cock. He introduced himself as Alex and we took him straight to the backyard where Castro and enormous cock were waiting for a nice tight ass to fuck...
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He shoots, he scores! It was a nice day for a little basketball in the park with Castro and a couple of his buddies. But it was an even nicer day for some big cock threeway sex back at Castro's place. Chase was one happy camper when he got a face full of cock from Devin and Castro. At first he didn't even know what to do with these huge cocks, but he soon le...
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When we walked up to todays mark it wasn't long into the conversation before he confessed that he had just gotten out of prison. Thats when I proposed a deal of $200 for a few short minutes of his mouth in my home boys mouth. And wouldn't you know what he would give up if when I offered him a few hundred more...