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This cute latino got himself lost. Got off at the wrong stop and left his wallet in the bus by mistake. Shit his lose was our gain boy! We offer him a ride to his next stop, but that shit wasnt about to be free! He was a lil sweet so he offered to suck us both off.. But thats never enough! We take advantage of this latin ass and rail him till the break of da...
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Sean Mason and Sean Stavos are waiting for Stavos's brother to pick them up for the local college football game. Unfortunately Sean Stavos gets a call from his brother saying he won't be able to make it because of car trouble. Disappointed the two Sean's have to come up with another way to spend the afternoon...
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Mr Brooklyn is looking for some help at his auto shop and so far he has been disappointed with the applicants. However things quickly turn around when two hot young guys walk in, eager to please. Mr Brooklyn explains the basics of the job and then tells them he would also expect some personal services, starting with a blowjob...
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Johnny walks in pouting about how no girl can take his dick. Trey who was perfectly fine just reading before Johnny stormed in, decides to turn the tables. "Well, have you ever thought about how it would feel like to be on the other end?" That was enough to peak Johnny's curiosity as they start to make out.
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Aiden's on the phone trying to arrange a play date with a hot girl for a three-way; but things are not looking too well. They get stood up but now they're both sitting there boned up with no relief in sight. Well, not necessarily. They are each stroking their boners through their jeans when Aiden just says "Fuck it" and goes for it.
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Ready for more fierce, condomless fun between this fivesome of hardcore hotties? How bout seeing Thugzilla getting sucked as one of his admirers rides a raw cock at the same time? Well you can see all of the above in this new release. It'll have you gagging for more.
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Chase is twenty one and loves to work out and chill with his buddies. Devin Armani is also twenty one and used to be a star quarterback, but has now moved to Florida to pursue his dreams. Fortunately his dreams include a lot of man on man sex and the scene starts as the two equally well hung boys decide to spend the day inside exploring each others bodies...