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Video Description - Black boy gets fucked at a laundromat
Featured Models - Sean Mason and Aiden
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Gotta love how the people in Miami mind their own business around here. Today we took a black thug into a laundromat and fucked his brains out and they didn't even stop to look as my boy was doggy style fucking him on the machines. After that we got him to wash our clothes.. boy are thugs helpful when you have a fistful of cash.
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Video Description - Hung puerto rican sucking a black dick
Featured Models - Jose
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This week we have a cute, lean, island boy from Puerto Rico. Don't let Jose's skinny body fool you. He has a freakin' huge cock... big enough to give most black guys a run for their money even. So go ahead and get comfortable and have fun watching the action!
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Video Description - Skinny white boy sucks two black cocks
Featured Models - Aiden, Dee Truth and Intrigue
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This week we brought in Dee Truth and Intrigue to slap down two big black dicks on a skinny little white boy named Aiden. Intrigue is the one who found him and talked him into taking his lunch break with us. Aiden was a little quiet and a bit shy because he's never had any black dick before and now here he is, his first time will be with not one, but two bla...
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Video Description - Blue eyed boy rides a big black cock
Featured Models - Stefan Nash and Hole Hunter
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After Stefan's neighbor catches him jerking off to some porn Stefan is both embarrassed and apprehensive about what might happen next. Happily Hole Hunter is more interested in finding out what Stefan was watching than embarrassing him further. As it happens they share they same fetish for interracial porn and before you know it Stefan is acting out his favo...
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Video Description - Black thug gets fucked for cash
Featured Models - Unknown
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So we were in the hood looking for a fuck when we spotted this nervous looking guy. After repeatedly asking us if we were cops he then started asking what we wanted. So I told him that my buddy Sean wanted to get his dick sucked by a thug and threw him a price. You would think that he would ask for an insane amount of money but not this guy he only wanted 50...
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Video Description - College guy checking out castro's huge cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Jaden
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We picked up this guy Jaden here in Miami at a local college campus. We caught him skipping class and invited him back to my place for some fun. When Castro unleashed his monster Jaden was rendered speechless but he soon recovered and was attempting to swallow the supreme when I suggested he get his ass ready for some action...
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Video Description - Black stud pumps a tight white ass
Featured Models - Izzy James and Trent Diesel
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So today Izzy is playing doctor and his patient is some unsuspecting stud named Trent. After a while Izzy gets sick of play acting and just wants to put his giant cock to use. Trent has never fucked a black guy before let alone one with a monster meat. Luckily he a good sport and is willing to let Izzy go all out on his tight white ass...
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Featured Models - Izzy James and Santiago
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Today we had this dude named Santiago in the studio. He was going to be doing a scene with Izzy and straight away you could tell he was super excited. He almost giggled with joy when he first saw Izzy's monster cock but once the fucking started he said "It hurts like hell" and we replied "NO shit! The site's called Its Gonna Hurt"...