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Featured Models - Izzy James and Ricky McCoy
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We are proud to announce this week's episode features Izzy James and Ricky McCoy. Ricky is a young white boy who has recently become fascinated with the idea of getting screwed by a big black cock. Fortunately for you guys we have one of those here for your entertainment. This would now make it unfortunate for little Ricky because Izzy knocks that tight litt...
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Video Description - Gene bending over for his first black dick
Featured Models - Gene and Mr Sauki
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Today we have Gene from Blacks On Boys. Gene is a hot little Southern boy from North Carolina. He was down here on vacation and was at a club and he recognized Mr Sauki from our website. Well, the next thing you know they hit it off and Mr Sauki was nice enough to bring him in to our studio the next day so all of you could see Genes' first time with a black...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Clayton
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I always think it's funny when people come to take Castro's Dick in their ass. Their facial expressions say it all. This guy Clayton came to us and during the beginning of the shoot he was literally shaking. I would assume he was either nervous, excited or most likely scared...
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Featured Models - Aiden, Dee Truth and Intrigue
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Once we get Aiden back to the fuck pad he readily admits he's thought about black guys through the years and is excited to finally get a taste of some black cock. He also admits the biggest dick he's ever been with was about seven inches, he's certainly in for a surprise today. As soon as they whip out their black dicks Aiden gets on his knees and starts suc...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Alejandro
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We ran into Alejandro and found out he was in town visiting his parents. After telling him about Castro's massive member he wanted to see it for himself so invited us back to his parents place. The two of them fucked like crazy and sweat their asses off in the hot sun. Alejandro couldn't take it towards the end begged for Castro's hot nut...
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Video Description - Interracial couple trading blowjobs
Featured Models - Corey and Jamal
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As the boys stood up, I suggested that they could do something a little different such as undress each other. Jamal thought it was a great idea and immediately helped Corey take off his t-shirt before Corey returned the favor. Their pants soon followed and after sitting back down on the futon, they played with their cocks as they watched some bi porn...
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Featured Models - Brett Stone and Thugzilla
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Brett Stone is here for one thing and one thing only, to fulfill his life long fantasy for black cock. Just like all the rest of them, he's come to the right place. We hook him up with the hard hitting Thugzilla who has no problem giving Brett what he wants and even more than what he bargained for...
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Featured Models - Adrian Troy
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Welcome to another episode of Blacks On Boys. This week we bring you Adrian Troy. He's originally from Poland but has been here in the States for about eight years. As you know, there's not a whole lot of black studs running around Poland and when Adrian discovered how hot they were he had to have one. It only took him eight years to finally do it!