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Video Description - Castro pumps a cute european fan
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Hanz
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Today we have a cute little euro guy named Hanz who wanted to meet his favorite big cocked porn star while on holiday in the states. We lined him up with Castro who treated him to an ass pumping he won't soon forget. Like many aspiring size whores Hanz had to admit the supreme was much bigger in person then he could have ever imagined.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Steven Waye
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Today this guy Steven Waye got his asshole torn apart by Castro's massive cock. Much to my surprise he enjoyed every second of it. Before we started Steven admitted he loves sucking black men's big dicks. I think anyone who loves watching dudes get fucked by big gnarly black cocks will deeply enjoy this episode of It's Gonna Hurt.
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When you sign up to do your first gay scene on tape you might wanna think twice before contacting Castro. It can be a lot of pressure getting naked and hardcore in front of a camera and adding a foot long cock with the girth of a beer can into the equation just makes it harder. But todays newbie model Ben had no such problems and started working the supreme...
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Featured Models - Derek Reynolds and Draven Torres
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Derek Reynolds is looking to fine tune his already chiseled body and has called in the help of personal trainer, Draven Torres. They begin by stretching but when Draven notices Derek peeking up his shorts, Draven realises Derek might be into some alternative exercises. Sure enough, Derek can't get his mouth around Draven's hard dick quick enough and they beg...
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Damieen was at home hanging out doing a little exercise when there was a knock at the door. It was a guy selling magazines... In the process of Damieen checking them out Eirc went down on him and gave him a blowjob that had him in awe and very turned on.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Steven Waye
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Today we had another fan of the site come in to experience the supreme in person. Steven Waye was his name and big black cocks is his game. He has a big cock fetish and Castro is his dream fuck. He wasn't disappointed and Castro happily put him through his paces, stretching his ass wider then it had ever been before...
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When Aiden arrives at the adult video store all he wants to do is watch a movie and jerk off, which is what he does, until someone in the booth next door starts cruising him. No matter how many times Aiden says he's not gay, the black dude in the adjacent booth keeps hassling him. After a few minutes of negative responses the black dude finally gives up and...
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Sean Mason is waiting to go to the game with Sean Stavos and his brother. But Sean Stavos gets a call from his brother who is stuck on the side of the road with some car trouble. Disappointed about having to watch the game a home Mr Stavos offers to help take his friends mind off the missed game...