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So today I'm riding the bus with porn star Bo Dean. He was looking for some younger ass so when when we picked up a cute black boy he was all over it. After some persuasion and cash Bo was soon enjoying a nice wet blowjob before standing up and putting his now erect cock to use on Johnny's tight little black ass...
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We've been putting some ads in the local paper to see if there were any takers out there for Castro's big black cock. Well guess what? We got one.. and he's straight! As if that wasn't enough, he has a wife and kids at home! It turns out our boy Ari always fantasized what it would be like to take Castro's ginormous cock inside his virgin asshole. Well Castro...
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So this week we had this blue eyed boy named Daniel come to our studio to sample the supreme. We got him straight to work on Castro's monster cock and Daniel turned out to be a great cock sucker. Then with Castro warmed up we bent Daniel over for his biggest ass stretching ever.
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In this weeks update my good friend and I go hunting for some dick and we hit the mother load. I mean this guy has it all, tall, dark handsome and well hung. He fucks like a champ too. He put a hurting on my boy's fuck hole. Then he dipped that fat chocolate stick into my friends mouth and filled him up like he was pumping at a gas station.
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Today's model is a cute young guy named Jacob. He is pretty small but he loves big cocks. Of course he has never had anything close to the size of Castro's cock and is excited to try the Supreme. Sucking on Castro's monster cock brings tears of joy to Jacob's eyes and those tears continue as he gets his ass stuffed beyond capacity.
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Video Description - Housekeeper sucking a married man's cock
Featured Models - Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander
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Diesel's wife hates basketball so much that he practically has to take a vacation to watch his favorite game. He gets his first chance in the hotel room, but somebody on the team dropped the ball. Scott, from house keeping, comes in to do a little clean up, but he winds up making a big spill...on Diesel's crotch. Slippery fingers on the court can't be helpe...
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Featured Models - N-Ice and Slim
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N-Ice needs a man who can carry on a conversation. Slim needs a nice guy who appreciates his affection. They both really want mind blowing, hot, sweaty sex! Lets see if their wants and needs are met on this episode of gay blind date sex!
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Today we bring you a gangster thug we ran into at a corner store. We walked up to him and I'm pretty sure we were lucky he didn't shot at us or something. But anyway, he was very defensive and offended by our offers, which he refused flat out the first two times. Third time was the charm though and after accepting our offer of cash we went looking for a plac...