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Video Description - Billy gets ready to take a black cock
Featured Models - Billy Leather and Mr Sauki
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This weeks' update is Billy Leather and Billy is little bit nervous. During the interview he admits he's only wanted to have sex with a black man for about two weeks. When asked why he's only wanted a black an for two weeks he replies that he's always been pretty much afraid of them. He's heard alot of stories about how rough black men fuck...
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme
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We picked up a cute latino guy who isn't sure if he's gay, straight or bisexual.. but really who cares? He may not be too sure on his sexual preference but he sure is excited about getting to suck and fuck Castro and his giant meat snake. The monster made his jaw drop when he whipped it out, and it stayed locked open for some nice slurping action...
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Video Description - Cute stud bends over for a massive cock
Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Spencer
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Today we had a real eager big cock lover going by the name Spencer join us at the studio. He was desperate for a taste of the supreme and once he got his fill it was his asses turn. Spencer pointed his butt into the air and Castro filled it up with his immense meat...
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Video Description - Black stud sucking his buddies huge cock
Featured Models - Kris and Zamir
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Kris and Zamir were locked in a room with a cameraman and no instructions other than "wear these masks and show us how much you want to fuck!" and manoman did they! Two hot and sweet black men taking some sweet and steady cock love. Hell, even from the very first blowjob you just know that these guys are going to shake and shiver their way to a hot load.
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Video Description - Two hunky having interracial sex
Featured Models - Scott Alexander and Rusty Stevens
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They begin to make out before Scott's tongue begins to do a little exploration of its own. Scott licks Rusty's defined abs as he takes off his shirt. It isn't long before Rusty's tongue is doing the exploring as he slides down between Scott's legs and checks out the equipment as he licks Scott's thick cock along the shaft. “I hope this one's sufficient” Rust...
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Featured Models - Aiden, Dee Truth and Intrigue
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This week we brought in Dee Truth and Intrigue to slap down two big black dicks on a skinny little white boy named Aiden. Intrigue is the one who found him and talked him into taking his lunch break with us. Aiden was a little quiet and a bit shy because he's never had any black dick before and now here he is, his first time will be with not one, but two bla...
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The cocks is 15 inches long and the twink is a 20 year old student. Together they make one fantastic scene! Watch as Sammy grabs the 15 inch cock and stuffs it down his throat. Afterwards he licks the giant rod before laying down to take it up the ass. At first it was extremely hard for him to take the large cock, but eventually he did.
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Featured Models - Castro Supreme and Ben
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Today this guy named Ben came to test Castro Supreme's dragon. For those of you who are unsure of what that it is. well it's a big black dick that looks like a club you would use on seals. Around here it is also used to crack white boys assholes open and today this little fucker gets split wide open with a smile on his face...