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Welcome to the archives of Black Men Fuck - Below you can find all the videos I have collected over the years of my surfing porn. Most of it is interracial (hey I like watching white boys handle a horny black stud) but there are some black on black and even some vids of black studs bottoming for a white guy. Enjoy and be sure to check back for new updates.
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Gay black porn video
Video Description - Boy sucks black cock at a glory hole
Featured Models - Aiden Connors
Popularity - Viewed 8276 times
When Aiden arrives at the adult video store all he wants to do is watch a movie and jerk off, which is what he does, until someone in the booth next door starts cruising him. No matter how many times Aiden says he's not gay, the black dude in the adjacent booth keeps hassling him. After a few minutes of negative responses the black dude finally gives up and just puts his cock through the hole...
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Video Description - Two coaches tag team a cute jock
Featured Models - Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and David Anthony
Popularity - Viewed 23100 times
As requested Kyle Quinn reports to the locker room after class, where coach Race Cooper is waiting to take his measurements. "You're gonna show me if you have what it takes to make it on the team." Kyle begins undressing but can't help notice the bulge in his coaches pants. "Coach, are you getting.. hard?" Nervous but ready to please, Kyle takes his cock out and looks to his coach for approval...
Gay black porn video
Video Description - Two black studs tag team their friend
Featured Models - Scorpio, Tone and Astengo
Popularity - Viewed 7280 times
Erecting buildings during the summer months is hard and sweaty work so Astengo invites construction workers, Scorpio and Tone, up to his loft for a break. Once they arrive Astengo does his best to make his guests comfortable, taking both of their hard black cocks into his mouth and sucking hard. Astengo then gets onto all fours, and the construction workers get into position to fuck both his holes...
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Video Description - Dominant stud gets his ass licked
Featured Models - Nubius and Remey
Popularity - Viewed 12560 times
Ramey is waiting for his booty call, bent over in his underwear, with his arms loosely tied around behind his back. He knows Nubius will want him ready when he enters and he does't want to disappoint. When Nubius finally does arrive he is happy with what he finds and runs his hands across Ramey's chest and arms before slamming him onto the sofa and shoving his ass into Ramey's face...
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Video Description - Black stud gets his cock ridden
Featured Models - Draven Torres and Kai
Popularity - Viewed 9646 times
After reading the signs from his handsome masseur Draven slips a finger into Kai's crack and begins massaging his hole, until Kai flips him over and Draven climbs on top of him. Draven slides down and mounts Kai, grinding his ass on his stomach and plunging Kai's cock deep into him. They fuck like that for a while, before Kai takes control of the situation, flipping Draven onto his hands and knees...
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Video Description - Cute white boy enjoys three black cocks
Featured Models - Aiden Summers and Mr Hampton
Popularity - Viewed 7816 times
When Aiden's jerk off session is interrupted by a hot looking black guy, Aiden's first thought it embarrassment. However that quickly passes when the black guy takes his cock out and begins jerking it along with him. Aiden can't help but stare and when two more black dicks appear from the rooms glory holes Aiden's sexuality gets thrown out the window and things get crazy...
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Video Description - Doctor jerks off his young patient
Featured Models - Dr Decker and Luis
Popularity - Viewed 6297 times
Luis is excited to be a big part of his new colleges football team, but before he gets in he has to complete the mandatory physical. Heading to the clinic he meets Dr Decker who asks the young jock to get undressed. Luis is a little surprised but does as asked. Happy with what he finds Dr Decker moves onto the next part of his check up, the sexual endurance test...
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Video Description - Two hung studs fuck on the floor
Featured Models - Devin Armani and Chase
Popularity - Viewed 7355 times
Devin Armani was a star quarterback in college but more recently he has decided to pursue another dream, that of a porn star. Fortunately he is well equipped for that career path and you will likely be seeing much more of this hung stud. Today he is paired up with Chase, another well hung and horny black boy who is eager to get Devin's nine inch cock pushed up inside him...
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Video Description - White boy sucks on two black cocks
Featured Models - Luke Cross, Billy Long and Brandon
Popularity - Viewed 5584 times
This week Luke Cross stopped by our studio to see if we had any work for him. Of course we weren't going to let this cute, blonde boy slip away. Billy Long and newcomer Brandon just happened to be in the house, so it was pretty much a no brainer for us to hook them all up together. Luke has been here a couple of times but he's never been the meat in an interracial threesome.
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Video Description - Black muscle man gets sucked off
Featured Models - Nubius and Montaz
Popularity - Viewed 6341 times
When Montaz shows up on set, you know some wild sex is about to go down. He isn't lighting no candles and get the fuck out of here with that Kama Sutra shit! He's all about slamming his hard cock into his butt buddies hungry holes and he ain't got any time for foreplay. Fortunately Nubius has the same sort of idea, but he is more interested in getting his holes filled, a perfect pair...
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Video Description - Black stud fucks a tight white ass
Featured Models - Chase Young and Hole Hunter
Popularity - Viewed 9688 times
At Hole Hunters latest fashion shoot he slowly eases his way into aspiring model Chase Young’s trust, before unveiling his massive black cock and shoving it deep down the white boys throat. As expected Chase shows his willingness to do anything for a steady modelling gig even if it means getting his asshole thoroughly dominated by Hole Hunter's massive black appendage.
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Video Description - Two black boys share a big cock
Featured Models - Ice Black, B-Zilla and Brooklyn
Popularity - Viewed 5243 times
This week we join two young guys as they look for a job at the local auto shop. Experience is a plus but the qualification Mr Brooklyn is most interested in is how well they suck his big black cock. It might be unorthodox but this is a job interview both young men know they can excel at and they waste no time dropping to their knees...
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Video Description - White boy enjoys two black cocks
Featured Models - Black Hawk, Billy Long and Alex
Popularity - Viewed 5731 times
Are you ready for another hot and heavy, bareback episode of interracial debauchery? We sure hope so because that is what Alex is here to deliver. He's a twenty six year old college student who got his laptop jacked at a coffee shop and needs some fast cash to buy a replacement. Of course we have some ideas how he can earn that money and it involves the hard cocks of Black Hawk and Billy Long.
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Video Description - Cutie enjoys his first interracial fuck
Featured Models - Sean Wade
Popularity - Viewed 4441 times
Sean Wade woke up one morning with a craving for black cock, so he contacted us at Blacks on Boys. Never ones to turn down a cute white boy we booked a motel room and hooked him up. He put on a brave face but we could tell he was nervous. No worries though cause once he had a big black cock in his mouth the rest came naturally and he put on a real good show...